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Export University

Export University

Export University is a brand of courses on exporting designed to help U.S. companies begin an export initiative and to gain increasing skills and innovation in their international sales. This series is designed to walk participating companies through export topics of various levels, which have been identified as being of high interest to North Carolina exporters. You do not have to take the classes as a series, but can choose the ones that are most relevant to your goals. Some examples of courses that are regularly offered are:

  • Export University 101 - "Introduction to Exporting"
    This course is designed for new-to-export companies and those that would like to refine certain aspects of their export process. The course walks you through all the fundamentals of exporting, including how to determine if you are ready to export, conducting market research, finding buyers and trade partners overseas, getting paid, shipping the product, legal aspects of exporting, and case studies on successful NC exporters.

  • Export University 201 and 301
    These advanced courses vary on topic.  Previous topics include website globalization, export finance and Ex-Im Bank, IC DISC, export regulations (BIS and ITAR), etc.

Upcoming Courses

Export University 101: Fundamentals of International Trade
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
201 Hay Street, Suite 401, Fayetteville, NC
Price:  $45 per person
Registration:  To register and for more information, please email Frances.Selema@trade.gov