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DEC Services include:

Matching Costs Associated with SME Export Business Development

The North Carolina DEC will match export business development costs up to $350 for each new-to-exporting company per year.  The DEC reimburses new-to-export companies upon return from a business development event such as Gold Key.  For more information please contact Greg Sizemore at greg.sizemore@trade.gov, or 704-333-4886.


Trade Missions

The DEC organizes B2B trade missions for North Carolina companies.  Trade missions allow access to key decision makers, buyers, distributors, or business partners in key foreign countries and allow exporters to travel with other exporters to share their experience and learn from one another.  For more information on the next DEC trade mission, please contact Greg Sizemore at greg.sizemore@trade.gov, or 704-333-4886.


Mentoring Exporters through the Export Process

DEC members are selected to the DEC by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for their extensive export experience.  Many of our DEC members are experts in specific fields such as logistics, finance, and legal.  DEC members spend a considerable amount of time counseling  or educating companies on export topics.  If you are interested in receiving DEC mentoring please contact Greg Sizemore at greg.sizemore@trade.gov, or 704-333-4886.


Advocating on Behalf of North Carolina Exporters

The DEC is an advocate for North Carolina exporters. The DEC educates key decision makers at the state and federal level on export topics keen to increasing U.S. exports such as trade barriers and export resources.


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NCDEC of the YearNorth Carolina DEC is the 2010 DEC of the Year!

U.S. Department of Commerce has awarded the North Carolina District Export Council the inaugural DEC of the Year Award. Wayne Cooper, Chair, NCDEC, received the award October 25th in Detroit at the annual International District Export Council Conference. In selecting North Carolina from among the 60 DECs, the U.S. Department of Commerce sited the council's "outstanding record of mentoring local new-to-export and new-to-market companies on exporting, and supporting President Obama's National Export Initiative. The federal agency said the group's work with local U.S. Export Assistance Centers is "critical to expanding U.S. exports and supporting American jobs." You can read the International Trade Association's full news release here